Product Review

Store Bought

Fooey Ultra-Bitter Training Spray: This spray to me was a major disappointment. This was the first store bought spray I actually purchased. It smelled awful, and my dogs didn’t mind the taste. It wasn’t effective AT ALL for them. During the spraying process this spray got all over my hands and even when I washed my hands five times I could still taste it. It stopped me from eating with my hands for a couple days, but my dogs would walk right up and lick it after I sprayed it.

NaturVet YUCK! Bitter No Chew Spray: This spray worked okay for me, it stopped one of my three from chewing but wasn’t very effective otherwise. I liked this one better than the Fooey, but ultimately the Bitter Apple still takes the cake. This spray had a medium time-frame, it didn’t wear off very quickly but didn’t stay as long as other sprays.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray: This spray was by far me favorite! It works well, and stays on what you spray it on, without getting on your hands making it impossible to eat. It is truly a taste my dogs didn’t like so it was very effective in stopping their chewing habits. Once they tasted it once even the smell was enough to keep them from chewing. This spray stays on, and lasts for a long time!

Home Made

Apple Cider Vinegar: I love apple cider vinegar for many reasons, it is so useful for many things. Stopping chewing is one of them. While ultimately less effective than the bitter apple spray, it was still the more effective of the two home made remedies I tried.

Cayenne Pepper Spray: This spray worked better than the Fooey spray but wore off quickly and therefore wasn’t as effective as it could have been.


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