Story Time (How We Found Out Daisy Doesn’t Like to Run)

Hey there everyone, Kaitlin here. Today you’re going to find out how I discovered that Daisy doesn’t like to run, at least not with me anyway, at the dog park shes fine.

My Freshman year of college I was in a class called “off and running” as my freshman orientation type of class. Every Friday morning at 8 AM we would go run, and run, and run, training for the final, which was a half marathon. So throughout the semester I got in good shape and started to enjoy running, so when I moved out of the dorms and into my own place, and adopted daisy I thought she would be the perfect running companion. We started off slow, I didn’t want to over work her (we’d only go about one to two miles). After a good amount of time we started to go further and further. When we started to go around the three mile mark, Daisy would lift her paw, and start limping. So obviously because she hadn’t done this before I picked her up, and carried all forty pounds of her the mile and a half home (That was the shortest route home).

I took her to the vet, and they did x-rays, mobility tests and wrapped her paw. Told me to not have her run for a week. So that week I ran alone.

Then when she got cleared by her vet to run, we started slow. But sure enough, after the three mile mark she lifted her paw and started limping. Again I carried her home and we went to the vet. More x-rays and mobility tests and her paw got wrapped again. The Vet thought she might have sprained it. No running for two weeks this time.

Fast forward another two weeks of me running alone, and Daisy got cleared to go running again, so we worked up to our three miles. AGAIN after three miles Daisy lifted her paw and I thought something HAD to be SERIOUSLY wrong.

I took her into the vet again and this time they wanted to do a couple different tests. So we did x-rays and everything was fine. The new test we were supposed to do was run three miles, but not all at once. One run in the morning and a run in the evening. So we did just that, and daisy was just fine. She was even able to run about a mile more.

This made the vet suspicious, so we went back to trying one run, and guess what- at three miles Daisy lifted her paw and refused to keep running. The vet finally had figured it out. After about two months, numerous x-rays, and a chunk of change out of moms pocket- Daisy just didn’t like to run more than three miles. She knew lifting her paw would get her carried home, and the trip to the vet would get her lots of treats.

This is the story about how my dog played me. She figured out how to get me to carry her home. All of that trouble because she didn’t want to run with me. Shes lounging on the couch now, worn out after 2 hours at the dog park this morning, as happy as can be. She truly is one of a kind, a hound/heeler mix that didn’t want to run.



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