Who are we?


Well hey there everyone! My name is Kaitlin, but the important names to remember are Daisy, Diesel, and Athena. Those are my precious pups, and in my house, it’s all about the dogs. In this dog-blog you’ll hear some funny stories about my pups, along with some of my opinions and writing on health related issues, my experiences with my dogs illnesses and our overall doggie days. To give you a little more information about myself, I’m a communications in business major at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I’m working on going freelance for web content writing and search engine optimization! I have such a good life for me and my three pups and although it’s not always easy, it’s totally worth it!

With all that being said I’ll get right to it!

A little more about the important people (dogs):

Daisy- Hey there, I’m Daisy! I love chewing, food, treats, walks and the puppy park! I’m a catahoula hound blue heeler mix weighing in at about 45lbs. The vets say I’m overweight, and mom calls me her little sausage dog, but I’m as happy as I can be. I’m always ready to go to the park (but I don’t like running with mom, more on that later). I’m just about a year and a half old and my puppy energy just wont stop! I was abandoned on the side of the road at 2 weeks old and found my furever home with my mama Kaitlin and was her first “on her own dog”. I know I drive her crazy, because I love to get into trouble, but one look with these hound dog eyes of mine and mom melts in my little puppy paw! I’m faster than my two sisters and I can snatch food off of moms plates before she even knows I’m in the room

Doggie Days Blog Daisy pic

Diesel- Hi new friend! I’m Diesel-Weasel! I’m the oldest of moms brood at almost two years but I’m by far the most energetic and excitable! Im the one in the picture at the top of the page, I watch mom take selfies all the time so I decided to take one of my own! I’m a pit bull dalmatian mix and I give the best puppy kisses (I’ll be entering the kissing contest at pawtober fest, so come give me some kisses!). I love to run around, bark and go crazy but deep down I’m a cuddle monster and beg to sleep with mom on the bed. My sister Daisy and I get into a lot of trouble together sometimes, but mom loves us anyway! I love carrots, green beans and cheese, especially when Daisy doesn’t take them from me!


Athena- Hello, I’m Athena. I’m the youngest of the group at just over a year but by far the most mellow. Mom will take us to the dog park and all I do is stand by her, or get pets from other humans. I’m a great dane, but I sure don’t know it. I try to be really sneaky and crawl up on the bed or the couch with mom but somehow she always sees me! I’m afraid of everything from trash bags to Chihuahuas, but Daisy and Diesel are helping me conquer my fears! Im a big cuddle muffin who is very happy to be in my furever home.



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